Artists London Fieldworks are fabricating 3 bespoke sculptures for Great Kneighton that are to be permanent sculptures with the public realm whilst offer habitats for invertebrates ‘moving in’ to the new development. 


The sculpture’s requirements and intricate designs required them to explore fabrication options with 3 different manufacturers. The final designs are being created by Stoneworld and Albion Stone. Portland stone supplied by Albion is being mechanically ‘sculpted’ by Stoneworld’s Stone Genie robot; a computer controlled robot that interfaces with CAD-CAM software to create an exact 3D copy of digital design files supplied by the artists. This process will create beautifully rendered portland stone sculptures whose hollow internal structure enables the artists to insert organic material  as part of the new invertebrate residents ‘welcome pack’.


Further information will follow about the timetable for installation at the chosen site of a small park on the NOVO residential scheme. Local schools and residents will be encouraged to visit the sculptures and learn about local wildlife. London Fieldworks are also creating a film project that explores the relationship of wildlife and humans in new developments. 

Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 11.27.15


Photo credits-

London Fieldworks 2015. ‘carving the prototype’