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We maximise the value of the 'Percent for Art' developer contribution through an 8 point approach:


A big cultural vision

Over 20 local planning authority approved public art strategies and delivery plans since 2010. Our strategies and plans bring forward authentic and inspiring proposals for bringing the best cultural activity into a new site. From the outset of pre-planning, we work closely with clients and design teams to uncover their vision for a site and work with the arts to knit this into the wider Cambridge community and cultural context.


Working with the city

Delivering public art with some of the city’s best arts, cultural, community and education partners ensures projects are integrated into the city. A recent collaboration with Cambridge Botanic Garden brought Darwin’s plant specimens into permanent outdoor public display. Other partnerships have seen Cambridge’s rich heritage inspire the design and use of new public realm at the heart of new development schemes. See Partners HERE


Bringing the best talent

We work with a wide range of artists, crafts specialists, designers, and cultural producers to bring individual bespoke projects to every site. We collaborate with the best of Cambridgeshire alongside leading artists of international reputation. The result is projects that have local connection, artistic credibility and client brand awareness.


Consultation & Engagement

We deliver integrated community and stakeholder communication into all our projects. This forms part of creating ambitious credible projects that have a broad base of support and engagement. An example is Cambridge’s Southern Fringe, where we have several steering groups representing diverse interests supporting major public art and public realm projects for the future of the city.


from planning to completion

We work closely with clients, artists and partners to develop and achieve the best possible project for a site. This can range from bronze sculpture to embedded public realm furniture, to collaborative landscape design or public performances created by the artist and public participants. All our projects carefully maximise a public art budget by dovetailing existing design and build budgets to integrate a cultural DNA throughout a scheme.


Authentic identity

Culture has the depth and power to bring a strong authentic narrative to a new place. From the initial public art strategy, through selecting projects and artists, and developing the projects, a scheme’s public art can drive and support a unique long term identity for a site. At Cambridge Biomedical Campus, a major public art project between artist and design team is defining the entire character of the scheme’s 20,000sqm public realm.



We give clients the confidence to commission exciting projects. We support them to understand the opportunities from commissioning certain types of art; the connection to surrounding community, educational opportunities, and the ability to stimulate other cultural initiatives by others in the area. We create formal documentation and help all involved to structure and support the right management and maintenance plans into the future.


Cambridge Public Art Panel

We advise the council on all major public art projects. The city has a strong public art policy. Working to this is a Public Art Panel of arts leaders from the city’s leading museums, galleries and education sector alongside specialists from the public art industry, including Futurecity. The Panel reviews public art strategies and proposals linked to planning applications and advises the relevant planning committee.

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