Great Kneighton Public Art Strategy

Location: Great Kneighton
Services: Art in the Public Realm, Cambridge, Cultural Placemaking, Residential

In 2010 Futurecity wrote a strategic public art strategy for Great Kneighton (then known as Clay Farm and Glebe Farm) for Countryside Properties. The aim is to embed the best public art and cultural projects into a large new community. Leading UK and international artists have been commissioned. Working across a range of disciplines: Biodiversity, Play, Sustainability, Community Development, Landscape design, History and Heritage, Food and Growing, Health and Wellbeing.



the artist

Simon and Tom Bloor, Nils Norman, Jeanne Van Heeswijck, Sean Edwards, Heather and Ivan Morison and London Fieldworks.

Across this large site, 6 lead artists are creating innovative place-making projects, some permanent pieces of art, some temporary that focus on connecting people to place.

The vision for the Southern Fringe is to create a distinctive urban extension to Cambridge, as an exciting demonstration of best practice in sustainable development.

Cambridge local plan, 2006.


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