Client: Countryside Artist: Sean Edwards
Location: Great Kneighton
Services: Art in the Public Realm, Cambridge, Residential

At the northern end of Great Kneighton, adjacent to Long Road, Sean Edwards is creating a series of public art projects that draw on the agricultural heritage of the site and will include permanent artworks alongside ‘live’ projects for new residents to take part in over 2015/16.

the artist

Sean Edwards

Sean Edwards is an artist who uses a mix of media or anything to suit the demands of his ideas. Edwards’ work explores the sculptural potential of the everyday, using leftovers of previous activities as a starting point – including found or borrowed objects, bits of other works and studio detritus.

“I am interested in finding ways of tracing the dust, the poetics and the humanity of a places past into the new built environment and the homes.

Sean Edwards


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