Art & Play

Client: Countryside Artist: Simon & Tom Bloor
Location: Great Kneighton
Services: Art in the Public Realm, Cambridge

‘Art & Play’ is working alongside the site’s Great Kneighton Play Strategy to develop a series of creative interventions within the public realm to encourage informal play and interaction for all ages. Simon and Tom Bloor are developing projects with many of the different house building and strategic development teams that include large open recreation areas, small play spaces, incidental moments of play across the site, and street furniture that support way-finding and play.


the artist

Simon and Tom Bloor

Simon & Tom Bloor’s works and projects focus on our often ambivalent relationship to the structures of public space. They are currently developing large-scale public artworks in Cambridge and London and have been commissioned by Arnolfini Gallery and Bristol City Council as part of the Primary Capital Programme.

Countryside believe that embedding art projects into the fabric and life of Great Kneighton will give Great Kneighton a unique identity.



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