Circus & Piazza Public Realm: Art & Landscape

Client: Countryside, Liberty Property Trust Artist: Ryan Gander
Location: Cambridge Biomedical Campus
Services: Art in the Public Realm, Cambridge, Healthcare

Cambridge Biomedical Campus is one of the worlds’ leading healthcare and biomedical research centres. A new 15,000+ sq.m public realm (The Circus & Piazza) will be delivered as part of a major expansion programme at the heart of the 70 acre campus; home to 18,000 patients, doctors, nurses, scientists, support staff and visitors.

UK conceptual artist Ryan Gander is leading a collaboration with Gillespies landscape architects to create a space that symbolises the ethos of the campus: a healing, people-centred public realm for all campus users. An adventure playground for the adult mind. The design is to be completed by Summer 2015, and the space built by 2017.

The project forms part of the CBC Public Art Strategy, written by Futurecity in 2011. The strategy integrates arts and culture throughout the campus to benefit all campus users, through this significant public realm commission, supported by a campus wide Artist-in-Residence programme.

the artist

Ryan Gander

Ryan Gander’s complex and unfettered conceptual practice is stimulated by queries, investigations or what-ifs, rather than strict rules or limits.

London-based conceptual artist Ryan Gander masters the art of storytelling through an immensely complex yet subtly coherent body of work.

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