A major community engagement project for the 120 hectare Great Kneighton development on Cambridge’s Southern Fringe, saw the release of its first ‘Habitorial’ film online last month. The film documents the projects first open public event that brought together residents from across the Trumpington area to discuss plans and ideas for the cafe and new community centre to be built at the heart of the scheme. The ‘cafe’ style event took place at 93 Addenbrookes Road, the ex-show home that the project is operating from throughout 2015. More films, events and publications will follow, all exploring the issues and opportunities for residents brought about by all the changes in the area.

‘Habitorials – A Showground for Real Living’ is a project by Jeanne van Heeswijk and Britt Jurgensen working with new residents and neighbouring local communities that make up Trumpington on the outskirts of Cambridge. Jeanne and Britt have been meeting residents across Trumpington and Great Kneighton since 2013. From this they published a first ‘Habitorials’ publication at the end of 2104 as a collection of conversations with a broad range of residents.

In Jan 2015 the project continued as a live year long ‘event’ with Elyssa Livergrant joining Jeanne’s team and ‘moving in’ to 93 Addenbrookes Road. Elyssa plays the role of a ‘resident in residence’ and is hosting a whole series of ‘Live Habitorials’ at the house. These are a range of events for local residents to discuss key issues about change and community. This is a 12 month project led by Jeanne, Britt and Elyssa and the project explores what it means to create community, and how new places can contribute to the character and dynamic of our towns and cities.

The events will be accompanied by a 2nd issue of Habitorials later in 2015, edited by local resident Vicky Anning.


The project is part of Futurecity’s curated programme of cultural projects and public art for Great Kneighton that has commissioned 6 artists who work with new approaches to public art. Projects are interacting with the architecture, landscape, and the daily lives of the new residents. Sculptures, street furniture, land art, community spaces and events are weaving deeper narratives about place and community into the fabric of the design and ongoing life of this this 3000 homes, 120-hectare major growth area for Cambridge.



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