Showground for Real Living


Artist: Jeanne Van Heeswijk
in collaboration with Britt Jurgensen

Site: Abode (Southern Approach)

Over the last 6 months Jeanne and Britt worked with resident and steering group member Vicky Anning, and local photographer Alice Boagey to produce a first edition of Habitorials, a magazine publication exploring a range of local experiences connected to change in the area. 12 interviews capture and reflect individual relationships to Trumpington and Great Kneighton. 1500 copies were produced and distributed across the local community.

Meanwhile, they have invited artist Elyssa Livergant to come and live at 93 Addenbrookes Road. Elyssa will be a ‘resident in residence’, and will host a range of events at her home through this year. The aim is for the events to be ‘live’ habitorials; inviting different themes to be discussed, such as what does it mean to live well?, what does this change mean? Like all good homes 93 Addenbrookes Road is a ‘doorway to discussion’. The events will be enacted and filmed by filmmaker Kate Rowles, creating video habitorials that can travel out of the home online to wider audiences.

93 Addenbrookes Road has been made possible through support from a range of staff at Countryside Properties.

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Next steps:

– Events will be enacted at the home over this year. They will range from small groups of an invited cross section of residents to larger publicly advertised events (coinciding with warmer weather and the ability to use the garden as well as the house). is an active live site where videos, image and text are hosted alongside a space for public dialogue around the themes.

– Vicky Anning is to work alongside the live habitorials at the home, to create a 2nd habitorials publication over the coming year.