Cambridge KickstART is a public art project celebrating the creation of over 100 new homes on the site of Cambridge City FC’s grounds in Milton Road. It marks the club’s move to shared grounds at Histon before establishing their new permanent home in Sawston. Developed by Artist and Producer Zoё Chamberlain, award-winning housebuilder Crest Nicholson PLC have funded the Cambridge KickstART programme to help foster community pride and enhance a sense of place.

Light Rider: Making the Move is the first in the Cambridge KickstART project: it combines drawings by local primary school children with digital animation to depict the Milton Road site’s history – from gravel pit to football ground. The animated work will be projected onto the city skyline from a specially converted cargo bike as it follows the route from the old ground to the new. Light Rider: Making the Move is delivered by artist Zoё Chamberlain in collaboration with animator James Conan Baker, Colour Films and ADeC.

kickstART: Service Movement Desire

Footage from the making of Light Rider: Making the Move will be intertwined with footage celebrating the history of Cambridge City Football Club to create Service Movement Desire, A 15 minute film to be shown at The Arts Picture House in central Cambridge. It features unique footage from the final match played on the old ground at Milton Road and explores the evolution of the site from ancient gravel pit through various incarnations as a community sporting arena to its last identity as the home of Cambridge City FC before being earmarked for re-development.

KickstART: Legends Legacy Postcards

Students from Cambridge School of Art at Anglia Ruskin University will be creating a series of illustrated postcards to commemorate the last game at the Milton Road ground, and to mark the beginning of a new era for the football club. For each decade of the club’s history a group of committed fans have selected their favourite players and compiled a record of their finest achievements. These will be turned into a ‘Top Trumps’ style fact-file for each player with a unique portrait to illustrate each one, together making a collection of 10 limited edition postcards for fans to collect.

KickstART: Active Landscape collaboration

Artist Zoё Chamberlain will also be working with the Crest Nicholson design team to develop a sculptural approach to the design and integration of all age play facilities across the new development on the old football ground site. The collaboration with the other members of the design team will create an environment to encourage people of all ages to actively engage with both the formal and informal recreational space. The aim is for the work to take on a form that can be used and interpreted in different ways, seats may not appear initially as seats- they may appear as sculpture but be approached for jumping and balancing for example, and would still be suitable to sit on. Designs are to be developed during the autumn 2014 for delivery during 2015 – 2016.

Site memory: Sound response

Artist Zoe chamberlain will also be creating a very specific piece of work within the new Crest Nicholson development. A sound installation in the form of a poetic reference to the spirit of the site, a memorial to the football ground – a recorded playback of City’s cheer at 3 O’clock every Saturday, subtly incorporated into the new built environment. Acting as a kind of ‘memorial’ to the ground at Milton Road, the concept has been developed by Zoe in response to comments from local residents at the local planning consultation exhibition, as well as members of the football club.

Artist in residence programme

Lookout for other artist projects involving local residents in the Milton Road area as the development progresses during 2015-16. An artist will be commissioned by Crest Nicholson to work with both new and existing residents to help foster community pride and enhance a sense of place.